Advanced Video Processing, All in the Cloud

Bringing video processing technologies to the cloud. A powerful tool for of video and broadcasting industry, with integration features to various cloud platforms such as AWS S3, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, and many others.

Why Setaria?
Take a quick glance at how your video may look before processing them, or even in real-time when they’re being processed. So you don’t have to wait a long time to check your result until they finished being processed.
Cloud Video Processing
With various enhancement modules and preset library, you can improve the quality and size of your video, adjust their frame rate or convert them as a slow motion or hyperlapse at a click of a button.
Smart Effects
Take a different perspective on your video with smart effects that utilize smart algorithm that analyze your video so that your effects may be applied efficiently and beautifully.
Apply multiple enhancement modules at once with Workflow, which you can also customize, save, reuse the workflow for your next projects, thus ensuring greater productivity on your processing tasks.
Robust Security
Integrate, store and transfer your data with ease where both of your connection and data are encrypted and protected with Setaria’s robust security system.
Cloud Service Integration
Setaria supports flexible integrations with major external cloud storages such as AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, JECTOR and many more, as well as operating as an API to be integrated into your own customized system via Setaria’s API gateway.
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